17 Apr

Traffic rules for Easter in Corfu 2019

Easter is coming and the town of Corfu is preparing to host quite a few people, both from abroad, as well as from the suburbs of Corfu Island.

Below you can find the Traffic Rules applied for Holy Friday and Saturday so that traffic jam is avoided, as they were decided and announced by the Municipality of Corfu.

Holy Friday

  • From 14.00 pm until the end of the events, the traffic from Kolona “Douglas” to NAOK and all the vertical streets, which start from Alexandras Avenue that lead to the Historic Center stop.
  • From 18.00 pm there is a gradual stoppage of the traffic towards “Spilia” and the Vlaikos Captain’s Street that starts at the ticket offices at the port and lead to the Public Market.
  • From 17.00 until midnight there is scheduled a free transfer of residents and visitors from the parking areas at the port and the EAKK to Corfu Center.

Holy Saturday

  • Same as above during 07:00-15:00 and 19:00-01:30

Parking lots where the parking is allowed:

  • New Port (OLKE)
  • National Athletic Center
  • Ethnikis Antistaseos Street Parking lot

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