Welcome to traditional urban living

LOC Hospitality comprises four unique studio-suites with double or triple capacity on a newly-built building in the old town. 

Welcome to traditional urban living

LOC Hospitality comprises four unique studio-suites with double or triple capacity on a newly-built building in the old town. 

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Whether you are visiting for the weekend or looking for a long term living arrangement, we are here to help you find the best match for your needs and expectations.

LOC Experience

Feel the city vibes

Urban Suites comprises four unique studio-suites with double or triple capacity on a newly-built building in the old town and more specifically, it is centrally located in Corfu’s Historical Center, in the homonymous Annunziata Square. 

Beautifully renovated maisonette type flat at the heart of Campiello neighborhood in the Old Town of Corfu. Offers a cozy stay for maximum 3 people. It consists of a wide double bedroom with work space on the upper floor, bathroom with shower. On the down floor you may find kitchen with all necessary utensils for preparing a nice meal and washing machine, living room with TV, food table & semi double sofa bed. Wi-fi is provided to all rooms.
Urban Dens is a fully renovated and equipped structure offering four capsule rooms, which may be booked together or separately. They are ideal for single travelers, business travelers, couples, friends, groups or families who wish to make a quick and light stop in Corfu and experience the urban life of the Old Town first-hand.

Long Term Living on LOC Hospitality

Feel at home

Fully furnished apartments equipped with a kitchen and all the amenities you need to stay comfortably for a month or more. Pack your laptop and a few things and try the nomad life for a change!

Book directly with us

Choose your exact arrival and departure dates and book directly with us, without the extra commissions or having to set up an account and with our team at your disposal for any assistance in planning your trip every step of the way.

Simple monthly rates

Special rates for long-term stays and one-time monthly payment with no additional fees.

Book with confidence

Long stays come with reviews from our trusted community of guests, as well as our daily support during your stay and our assistance in making your stay with us as comfortable and as smooth as possible.

Spaces suitable for work

Live like a nomad. All you need is a space with high-speed Wi-Fi and dedicated workspaces. Break out of your usual routine by trying something different in a place made to make that change easy and comfortable.

Looking for apartments with hotel services?

LOC Hospitality has independent apartments perfect for your staffing, relocation and work trip needs.

Beach and the city

In less than 10 minutes from our accommodation on a bike or walking you have the chance to enjoy the sea during all the seasons of the year. You can swim in beaches where kings and queens used to swim and, at the same time, you can feel the vibes of the city.


10min from the Old Port a little blue boat sits waiting to take you over to Vidos, for swimming and food

Swim in a unique place with a view to the old Fortress and the Garitsa bay, while having delicious snacks and drinks since early in the morning until late at night.

The private beach of Princess Sissy under the palace of Saint Michael and George built in 1819 and currently used as the Museum of Asiatic Art. A place tailored to each visitor’s needs, providing sunbeds, coffee, brunch, drinks and enjoyment starting early in the morning until late at night.

On the eastern side of the big square, you encounter the Old Fortress of the town, a Venetian fortress of the 15th century where serenity and a scenic view are hidden and nowadays it works as a museum. Wandering around the place you will find the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University and at the end of a stone stoa, there is a small beach under the old wall emerged. There you will encounter the Corfu Sailing Club, as well as, a restaurant and a bar.

One of the most unique seaside routes of the island that goes through the beautiful Garitsa park and ends up to a stone built windmill next to the sea, where one can take a quick dip with a view to the city of Corfu and the old Fortress.

It’s about the private beach of the palace where the husband of Queen Elizabeth of England, King Philip, was born. Swim in a fantastic place with a unique view and the chance to enjoy delicious meals or coffee at the Garitsa park which is very close to the beach.

Recommended beaches of the island

THE BEST SUNSET, the best for swimming NUDIST BEACH, famous sandy beach, west-center of Corfu island 18 km

The best for swimming, famous sandy beach, protected lagoon (natura area) south-west of Corfu island 31 km.

The best for swimming, famous sandy beach, west-center of Corfu island 18 km.

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We are here to accommodate:

The Professional

Company representatives and employees looking for a comfortable and practical solution. Our apartments were made to accommodate professionals for shorter or longer stays. Fully equipped for you to feel at home after a busy day, our Urban Suites are apartments made to be practical and ergonomic. Work trips made easy and comfortable in the center of the old town!

The explorer

Renters that are eager to hop around, excited to experiment and keen to explore a new apartment, neighborhood or city without ever needing to commit. Shorter or longer stays, filled with recommendations from our experienced staff on the most interesting things to do on the island!

The Backpacker

The light traveler, the island hopper or the last-minute booker. Some people go with the flow and like to plan their day at the last moment. Our Urban Dens Hostel is the perfect solution for one or a couple of nights, as you figure out your next stop! Easy access and practical common spaces make for a special experience if you are open to it!

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