About Fires

Regarding the recent forest fires on Corfu Island

   We are all devastated because of the huge environmental damage caused by the
fires at this area of the island which is known for its rich natural heritage full of perennial
olive groves and different kinds of herbs.
Besides, Corfu is globally known for its natural beauty characterized by dense vegetation,
as well as for its cultural beauty with its old settlements.
The local people’s and the visitors’ willing in volunteering at this hard moment has been
heart breaking and thankfully no loss in human lives has been recorded.
The Mediterranean has always been vulnerable in fires and it is going to be affected by the
climate change.
Let this fact be the motive, so that our society is developed with respect to our natural
Our company places as its main goal the visitors’ safety, as well as their pleasant stay,
fulfilling their dream for summer vacations and contact with the insular Greece.

   We understand your concern about this natural disaster that hit a part of our island.
We would like to inform you that this incident concerns only a part of the northern side of
the island.

The rest of the island, both the rest of North Corfu, as well as Central and South Corfu, is
The city of Corfu is located in the central part of the island and is more than 30 kilometers
from the fires.
We assure you that the city of Corfu is completely safe and there is absolutely no
disruption, while transport (air, sea and road) continues as normal.
Besides, arrivals to the island continue as normal, especially those destined for the city of

Yours sincerely
LOC CEO konstαntinos Δiαναtis