24 Nov

Circuit of Corfu

In Corfu in the 50’s and 60’s many Circuit races had been held.The first speed race took place in Corfu in July 1959. There were 16 drivers participating. The race lasted 35 laps, with a total length of 3.6 km. According to the preferences of the drivers, Corfu was much better than Rhodes, both in terms of asphalt quality of the road and the speed of the track. For example, a JAGUAR E-TYPE in the straight line of the coast of Garitsa reached 180-200 km. Even the turns of the route were much more spectacular, than those of Rhodes.

In 1964 the race started on August 30 with many new entries and new cars as well as new drivers such as the German Busch with the Porsche Carrera Abarth and Stavros Zalmas with the Mini Cooper. Chronidis came out first in this race, driving a Jaguar E-Type. One of the participants was the heir to the Spanish throne, Juan Carlos, in a Jaguar E-Type. The race was also attended by the then Successor Constantine, who loved car racing.
In 1966 the race took place on August 28 with many new entries with the winner Kotsonis driving a Jaguar E-Type.

Although the races have stopped now, their revival does not seem to be far.

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