16 Apr

Easter Customs and Events in Corfu Town

Corfu Town has a long tradition in celebrating Easter and the local society devotes a lot of their free time volunteering to get everything prepared in time. Countless rehearsals of the Philharmonic, the making of the jugs by kids’ clubs, the decoration of the city only prove the devotion of Corfiots to feel the divine despair of holy week and easter. Below you can see a detailed schedule of all the happenings that will take place.

Also, bear in mind that the narrow, pedestrian streets are way too crowded from Holly Friday till Holly Saturday night so arriving at places will take time. Mobility with a wheelchair or a baby stroller is possible but can be challenging, though totally worth it!

We will probably see you around 🙂

Greetings from the LOC Hospitality Team


Friday, April 19:

19.30- @Cathedral Iera Mitropolis Hymns of Holy Week – St Arsenius Choir Concert

Saturday, April 20:

12.30- Corfiot Expression Department @San Giacomo Square Lazarus Carols

Sunday, April 21:

11.00- @Liston Square Litany of St. Spyridon

20.30- @St. George Church (In the Old Fortress) Kapodistrias Philharmonic & Cathedral’s Choir Concert

20:30- Corfiots Choir’s Center of Heptanean Music & Civilisation @Michael’s & George’s Palace Religious Concert

Holy Monday, April 22:

20.30- Mantzaros Philharmonic @Municipal Theater Concert “An armed man, A mass for pease” by Karl Jenkins

21.00- Philharmonic of Kynopiastes @Duomo Katholic Cathedral Religius Concert

Holy Tuesday, April 23:

21.30- Poetic & Musical Evening @Michael’s & George’s Palace “From Golgothas to Resurrection”

Holy Wednesday, April 24:

19.00- Cathedral’s Choir @I.N. Agion Pandon Religius Music Concert

21.00- Municipal Choir San Giaccomo, Mixed Choir Nick Astrinides & Thessaloniki City Symphony Orchestra @Municipal Theater Concert “Requiem” by Michael Haydn

Holy Thursday, April 25:

20.00- Service @ Duomo Catholic Cathedral Ceremony of the Sanctuary & pilgrimage

Holy Friday, April 26:

11.00- Service @ Every single church Ceremony of the Redemption

12.30- Philharmonics & Choirs of Corfu Island Corfu Old Town Streets Litany till late evening

Holy Saturday, April 27:

06.00: Service @ Panagia ton Xenon (Holy Mary of the foreigners) Representation of the earthquake caused by Jesus Christ’s resurrection

09.00- Philharmonics @Liston Square Litany of St. Spyridon

11.00- @ Corfu Old Town First Resurrection & Mbotides (jugs)

11.01- @ Koukounara Mastela (local custom)

Holy Easter, April 28

07.30- @Corfu Town Litany

09.00-11.00- Service @Most Churches Festive, Resurrection service

Tuesday, April 29th

18.00: Service @ St. Spyridon Church Deposition of St. Spyridon in his Larnaca

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