Visit the Northern Greece

Erikousa, Mathraki and Othoni, the so-called group of “Diapontia islands”, are small islands on the north west side of Corfu.
Erikousa is full with olive trees, juniper or cypress trees, sandy beaches and some local tavernas so the visitors may try local greek food. It is ideal for one day trip if you wish to escape from the noisy Corfu Town during high season.
Mathraki is, also, green with beautiful nature and nice beaches, though it has smaller local population than Erikousa or Othoni. Ideal for travellers that love to walk and enjoy a nice swim on sandy beaches. You are kindly requested to be responsible when visiting the beach since the Loggerhead Turtle lays its eggs on the shore.
Last but not least, Othoni island is the bigger of the three and the western one. You will also find pine and cypress trees as well as crystal clear waters for swimming. Most of the people live from fishing while most of the houses are from stone.

Diapontia islands are reachable with small boat from New Port of Corfu, only 20 min approx from our apartments or rooms.

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