30 Sep

October in Corfu!

In most places in the world October signifies the beginning of the academic year. The end of summer. The return to a busy daily routine. In Corfu things tend to be a little bit different. On an island that is definitely a mix of cultures and traditions, a mix of locals and tourists and a mix of picturesque and urban, it is quite fitting that the seasons mix as well. The rest of the country waves summer goodbye. We still make a bit of time every weekend to go for a swim or have a nice breakfast at Liston square. Sometimes you’re not ready to dive straight back into a busy schedule. Perhaps you feel that the summer of 2021 hasn’t ended for you yet. Maybe Corfu is the place for you to be in October! LOC Hospitality will be here to welcome those determined few, both in our Urban Dens and Suites!

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