16 Nov

One day of November in Corfu

There are many legends in Corfu, in every street there are stories about Achilles, Odysseus and Poseidon. But the true history of the island is great and winter is a wonderful time to discover it.

You can navigate in the elegance of the city of Corfu in the heart of the city, you will see the deep red bell tower of the church of Agios Spyridon that rises above the terracotta roofs, marking the final resting place of the patron saint of the island. A walk inside the church will compensate you as you will admire ornate murals and you will admire the pilgrims who pray in the glittering silver coffin of St. Spyridon.

Nearby is a fancy, pink building that once served as the central bank of Corfu. It now houses the free Numismatic Museum where one can learn the history of the drachma and other currencies. Sounds boring? And yet it is quite dazzling, with exhibits of some of the oldest coins of the Roman and Byzantine world.

Despite the sunny sky, the prospect of spending your day on the beach in Corfu is not the best choice for November when the temperature drops to a daily average of 13 degrees Celsius. But the island has a warm heart and many beautiful villas remain open all year round.

Corfu is a large island with its northern and western coasts offering a more dramatic landscape. Without the intense heat of summer, the marked hiking trails are a great way to explore the rugged coastline where the beautiful postcard-like villages on the hillside and the cliffs are immersed in beautiful blue coves.

The perfect day ends with the sun disappearing behind the waves giving the sky wonderful colors that magnetize and make you travel. This is Corfu… truly unique!

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