Yoga Retreat


Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat
  • Mysore Style
  • MONDAY 7:30 (9:00)* Mysore style
  • TUESDAY 7:30 (9:00)* - 19:00 Mysore style
  • WEDNESDAY 7:30 (9:00)* - 19:00 Mysore style
  • THURSDAY 7:30 (9:00)* - 19:00 Mysore style
  • FRIDAY 7:30 (9:00)* - 19:00 Mysore style
  • Led Class
  • MONDAY 19:00 LED Class
  • SATURDAY 9:30 Led Class
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The physical practice of the Ashtanga Yoga method takes place holistically with the constant and uninterrupted participation in two types of classes:

a) Led Class:

All practitioners are coordinated at the same rate of the teacher’s verbal guidance. The number of moves, as tradition dictates, is heard in Sanskrit language, as well as the names of the postures.

b) Mysore style class:

Each practitioner follows his/her own rhythm, based on his/her abilities and peculiarities, while at the same time others around do the same. Teacher’s intervention -directional and discreet- ensures the correct execution, the avoidance of injuries and the gradual improvement with some verbal instructions, but also mainly with the application of appropriate physical manipulations (adjustments).

* Morning Mysore style classes:

   You can enter until 9:00.

~ Evening classes:

Be there 10 mins before start time.

~ For a drop-in class, please first contact us via email or phone.

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